Dear Church members
On Saturday, Kent was placed in tier four for Covid restrictions with the news of a new, more easily transmissible strain of the Coronavirus circulating in our region.
Since then, we have carefully reviewed the implications for church activities in the Parish over the Christmas period, mindful that in their response, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Bishop of London said that they ‘urge everyone to take precautions and, especially for those in tier four, to be exceptionally careful.’
As a result, some activities have been postponed or moved online, and some additional precautions have been put in place. We still intend to hold a limited number of in-person services on Christmas day and on 27th December.
For a revised list of services in the coming days, please see the Christmas page of the Parish website at If you would like to attend an online service and the church you would normally attend is not providing one at the desired time, you would be most welcome to participate in online worship with another congregation within our Parish. The administrators who can give you the information for this are:
Finally, we would remind all church members of the final part of the message from Archbishop Justin and Bishop Sarah: ‘Even though attending public worship is permitted, many people may feel it is currently better they do not do so. Clergy and others who are shielding should certainly feel no compulsion.  At this time of year – even this year – we celebrate the birth of Jesus with joy and hope. Jesus came to bring light that shines in the darkness. We need that light now and always.’
The Revd Canon Dr Jeremy Worthen
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