‘Foundations for Growth’ is a new four-session course for home groups across the Parish. It has been produced by the Mission Action Planning Coordinating Group, and each session will look at one of the four ‘foundations’:
1. Worship
2. Growing together in discipleship
3. Showing God’s love in action
4. Sharing the good news with others.
Sessions will include the opportunity to share experiences, look at the bible together, and consider our own responses.

We hope that those who complete the course will:
• Have a better understanding of these four ‘foundations for growth as Christians and as churches
• Have gained in confidence in being able to take part in each of them and contribute to them
• Be encouraged to reflect on their own gifts and calling as Christians
• Be better able to contribute to Mission Action Planning, including the focus this autumn on identifying priorities and goals over the next five years for our parish as a whole and for each of our churches.

We are encouraging home groups that are currently meeting to use the course material at some point in the autumn.

If you are not currently a member of a homegroup and would like to take part in this course, please email Phil Sibbald, letting him know
(a) whether you would prefer to meet in person or online
(b) your preferred time for the meeting (e.g. afternoon/evening, midweek / Saturday), and any times that are not possible for you
(c) whether you would prefer to be in a group with others from your own congregation or would be happy to be part of a ‘cross parish group.

If you could contact the parish office on 01233 620433 by Friday 10th September, that will help us to be able to get new groups set up in good time.

If you have questions about the course and what it involves, feel free to speak to any member of the Mission Action Planning Coordinating Group.

We believe this could be a really valuable opportunity for our churches to establish some good foundations to build on in the coming years. Please do consider taking part.

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