Charity Support

Christians Against Poverty

“CAP are passionate about releasing people from a life sentence of poverty, debt, unemployment and addiction. Working with the Church we bring good news, hope and freedom to people in the UK.”

For further details either click on the web link below or contact Jerry Fox at



The Family Food Bank provides support to families that experience a financial crisis or shock which means that they are unable to buy food or are left with a choice between paying for food or another basic necessity.

We help those who are referred to us by professionals working in the community, who identify families in need. Families are then directed to one of our distribution centres to receive a food box containing up to 60 meals.

This is how the Family Food Bank helps to combat child poverty. If you would like to help us then please look at the information on these pages and think how you could contribute.
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Lend with Care

Lendwithcare brings together entrepreneurs in developing countries with people with the power to help them – people like you. Run by one of the world’s leading aid and development organisations, Lendwithcare is a revolutionary way for you to help people in the developing world to transform their lives

For more information please contact Derek Sorrell for help please contact  / 01233 631533 / 07946 758091.


The Venice Marathon

Nicole and Gavin Osborne

On 22nd October Nicole and Gavin Osborne will be running Venice in honour of them and with them in our hearts and memories as we cross the finishing line just after St Mark’s Square.

Luckily the route takes in some stunning scenery and is on the roads, not the canals so we don’t  need flippers – unless the Aqua Alta is in of course and then it could get a bit soggy!

If anyone feels able to support us in our Marathon Adventure then they would be very grateful – they have been putting in some serious training hours over the last few months so that they can do everyone proud and expect that it will take us about 5 or 6 hours and 50,000 steps to finish.

They have set up 4 Just Giving Pages ( for technical reasons the charities have to have separate pages so the money can be paid direct to them) and have also arranged for people to be able to donate by text if that is easier …..

The links for the Just Giving pages are: – Prostate Cancer – Prostate Cancer – Alzheimer’s Disease – Alzheimer’s Disease

or to donate by text then use 70070 and the following codes:

NGVE69 – followed by your donation for Nicole’s Alzheimer’s Disease page

NGVE53 –  followed by your donation for Gavin’s Alzheimer’s Disease page

NGVE70 – followed by your donation for Gavin’s Prostate Cancer page

NGVE88 – followed by your donation for Nicole’s Prostate Cancer page

If, however, you would prefer not to use online or text services to donate then could you please make cheques payable to N Osborne with a note of which charity the donation is for and we will add the money to the fund for you. Just to make you aware that we cannot claim gift aid on the donation by doing it this way however.  If this or cash could then be given to your local Vicar then Gavin could collect this at the Alpha course.

They will aim to thank everyone who sponsors us personally – but a big hopeful thank you in advance for any sponsorship and prayers you can spare for them.